EXTCOM Inc.(hereinafter called “the Company”) shall pay close attention to protecting customers’ personal information collected in the course of business activities.  In handling personal information, the Company shall comply with laws, regulations, and other rules related to the treatment of personal information.

The Company shall use personal information only for legitimate purposes, including execution of contracts with customers, introduction of the Company’s products and services, and responses to various inquiries from customers.
In principle, personal Information acquired will not be provided or disclosed to any third parties, except in the cases described below:

  1. In the event that a formal written request for cooperation or inquiry is received from a party who is legally entitled to make an inquiry.
  2. In the event that the customer has agreed to provision or disclosure of information.

In cases where a customer requests that the Company provide or modify personal information related to the customer, the Company shall accommodate such requests only when it has been confirmed that the request was made by the customer himself/herself.

The Company will continue its efforts to improve the handling of personal information, including review of the Privacy Policy, to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.