Design and production of Modulated Wave Resolvers
(rotation angle/position detection sensors)

Modulated Wave Resolvers: Design and Production

Modulated wave resolvers are absolute position detection sensors, which detect angles and positions by means of modulated high frequency magnetic excitation.

Improved detection sensitivity achieved by the higher frequency excitation allows significantly fewer coil turns, enabling the use of pattern-printed coils.

Thus, resolvers with higher frequency excitation have achieved ultra-compact, super-thin, high resolution, and high environmental resistance performance that compares favorably with the existing products.

A product example


Product external size: φ25 mm
Resolution: 8192


What is a Resolver?

A resolver is a sensor for detecting rotation angles and positions using an electromagnetic induction phenomenon, and a magnetic absolute sensor that detects rotational or linear displacement. Resolvers have a relatively simple and robust construction, and have other advantages, such as, superior environmental resistance. 


  • Can be made super-thin
  • Can be made ultra-compact
  • Ways to achieve high resolution performance
  • Little impact from eccentricity and surface deflection
  • High environmental resistance to high temperatures, vacuums, and radiation
  • Easy to manufacture in linear, cylinder, or oscillating sensor types

 Co-development with JAXA

Resolvers with high environmental resistance to high temperatures, vacuums, and radiation, have been developed jointly with JAXA, with aim of their use in aerospace applications.

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  • Servo motors
  • Robots
  • Machine tools
  • Measuring instruments
  • Conveying equipment
  • Aerospace hardware
  • Amusement equipment